D&A country houses renovation

D&A country houses renovation is a project for the reconstruction of 5 countryside houses, which are about 100 years old. We will be aiming to preserve the old beauty as much as we can and in the same time reconstruct them so that they are suitable for the contemporary living. I started the project few […]

Vl/ House renovation

Vladaya Project was a renovation of a house built in the 70-ties in the outskirts of the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, next to the mountain Vitosha. The quality of the construction is rather poor, but luckily the house is built on a rock, which makes it earthquake resistant. And even after a severe earthquake […]

Malt factory

One of the most intersting projects I have been involved in. Not only because of the scale of the project, but also because I was designing industrial facilities for one of the biggest producers of malt in Europe and in the same time I was participating in the management of the whole project as Chief […]

Piers of time

“Piers of time” is a project for archeological park on the riverside of the Danube river in Bulgaria. The project is collaboration with a NGO in Bulgaria, which deals mainly with historical initiatives. The concept of the park is to have constructions from different periods of the human civilization from the Stone age to the […]

Silver Fern Competition entry

“Silver fern” project was a challenge and an experiment. It was a competition entry between me and another architect. The competition was called Urban Village – Residential complex in Christrchurch, New Zealand. Even though I had some experience in New Zealand architecture as I did my internship there, I didn`t quite get the idea that […]


I did my internship in MAP Architects in Christchurch, New Zealand. I was involved in various activities – measure up of houses damaged by the earthquake, redraw of imperial plans to metric, building 3D models, 3D renderings and visualizations, urban context study, interior design, facade design etc. Internship Diary Report.