Origami Meeting Room

This was a quick project to refresh one of the meeting rooms in Nemetschek. The main idea was to repaint the room, but instead of repainting it all white – I proposed several economic and in the same time attractive solutions to add some character to the space. The orange paint is transitioning on all walls and reminds the shape of a camel origami. We painted two of the walls in geometrical shape with Escreo paint on which people can write while discussing ideas. Since there were a lot of marks from the chairs on the walls I decided to use some carpet on the walls to help the repaint last longer.

Executed services:

    – Measure up of the room
    – 3D model of the existing room
    – 3D models for several design proposals
    – 3D visualizations
    – BoQ and budget


IMG_9461 IMG_9436 IMG_9440 P60624-170030 P60624-170142 P60624-170344 P60624-170421 P60624-170504