Malt factory

One of the most intersting projects I have been involved in. Not only because of the scale of the project, but also because I was designing industrial facilities for one of the biggest producers of malt in Europe and in the same time I was participating in the management of the whole project as Chief Designer communicating with the other interested parties. I got familiar with the process of malt production in-depth and designed multiple layouts and variations of the facilities. I was involved in the project for about a year, when it was put on hold due to external circumstances.

Executed Services:

    – Consultancy
    – Plant layout design
    – Architectural drawings (Elevations, Plans, Sections etc.) of the malt production facilities with multiple changes
    – BIM models
    – Bills of quantities
    – Feasibility study of several step-by-step development options
    – Chief designer
    – Project Management Services

layout5 - Sheet - A101 - Perspective views

layout5 - Sheet - A102 - Perspective views 2

Germination7-phase1+2 - Sheet - A105 - O1039_Soufflet_3D-view

Germination7-phase1+2-v2 - Sheet - A106 - O1039_Soufflet_Sections

Germinaton-f2-5-27-07-2015 - Sheet - A101 - 3D Section

Kilning-strasbourg-feasibility2-version2 - Sheet - A105 - O1039_Soufflet_Energy building-Kilns-Sections

Kilning-strasbourg-feasibility2-version2 - Sheet - A106 - O1039_Soufflet_Energy building-Kilns-Plans - Gr-floor - 1st floor

layout-feasibility2 - Sheet - A104 - Feasibility 2 - Layout-Phase2


Steeping-unit-4tanks-16-06-2015 - Sheet - A104 - O1039_Soufflet-Elevations

Steeping-unit-4tanks-16-06-2015 - Sheet - A105 - O1039_Soufflet-Sections

C:UsersPoluDocumentslayout5 - 3D View - 3D-10.pdf